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Compare phone & broadband providers

Here's a selection of some of the cheapest phone and broadband deals currently available in the UK market. For a more comprehensive list and to check phone and broadband availability in your area, please use our Ofcom approved broadband availability checker.

ProviderSpeedUsage limitOffersCost
TalkTalkUp to
17 Mb
Truly UnlimitedEnds 27 Apr£20.00 p/m
SkyUp to
17 Mb
Truly UnlimitedEnds 22 Jun£18.99 p/m
PlusnetUp to
17 Mb
UnlimitedEnds 9 May£19.99 p/m

How do we compare phone & broadband packages?

Why use us to compare phone and broadband providers? Well, unlike some other broadband comparison websites, Landlinesaver is driven by pride not profit. That's why we choose to remain free sponsored results, making it easier for you to make an informed decision. So, now that you've found us let us help you find the cheapest phone and broadband provider in your area.

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    Our advice is free and impartial. We do not allow sponsored results. Our broadband postcode checker is also Ofcom approved. The tools on Landlinesaver are free to use and we do not collect or store any personal data. We do not contact consumers except in direct response to an enquiry. We are committed to helping our users save money and get better service from their telephone and broadband providers.

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    Switching your phone and broadband provider can seem a little daunting - especially if you've read some negative customer reviews. However, the vast majority of transfers happen without a glitch, so don't let that put you off switching providers. Almost all phone and broadband providers offer an incentive discount to new customers but once you're outside your contract term the price can become less appealing. A broadband comparison website like Landlinesaver can help you to decide which phone and broadband provider is the best one for you. We're free, impartial and if we find any sneaky small print we highlight it! 

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    Ofcom Approved Broadband Price Comparison

    As our broadband postcode checker is Ofcom approved, it has stringent standards to adhere to. However, the text on our site is written and updated by our dedicated team. Whilst they have homes to go to, they do work tirelessly to try and ensure that all of our information is accurate and valid. Should you come across anything that you feel is amiss, do be a Peach and let us know!

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    About Landlinesaver

    Landlinesaver was launched in 2007 with the aim of providing users with an honest, transparent guide to switching telephone providers in the UK. Building on its success we now also compare broadband deals. Like other price comparison websites we earn a commission if a customer switches to a new provider via our website, this does not effect the price that you pay. We rely on people switching providers with us to keep our service free. So, when you're ready to switch, please sign up via our website. We hope that you find our service helpful and we always appreciate word of mouth and media attention.