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How do I switch my broadband to John Lewis?

Switching your broadband provider is a less painful exercise than it used to be. Before you begin the process, it's definitely worth making sure that you're outside of your contract tie-in with your current broadband provider. If you aren't then you will face a financial penalty and will probably be required to pay for each month that you have left on your contract. If you would like to switch to John Lewis broadband and your contract has ended, there is no need to contact your existing supplier. The switching process will be triggered by John Lewis. The exception to this is if your current provider is Virgin Media. In this instance, you will need to contact both John Lewis and Virgin Media to co-ordinate the start of your new service with the end of your old one. If you're ready to start looking for a John Lewis broadband deal, just enter your postcode into our John Lewis broadband calculator above to see which John Lewis broadband deals are available in your area. Or, for results that include deals from all major providers, use the calculator at the top of this page.

Can I keep my telephone number if I switch to John Lewis broadband?

The simple answer is YES! As long as you're not moving house away from your current telephone exchange. The telecoms regulator Ofcom clearly stipulate that if you have not moved, your old provider must allow your number to be transferred.

How long will it take to switch my broadband provider to John Lewis?

From the moment you order your new John Lewis broadband online to the date of installation is usually no more than 12 working days. This does not mean that you will be without service for 12 working days. The switch over process is normally completed within a few hours on the date of installation, so internet down time is minimal. If you don’t currently have a phone line, or are currently with Virgin Media, then this will delay the process as the broadband switch over cannot be completed until a phone line has been installed.

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John Lewis Pro's & Con's

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John Lewis Pro's

  • 24/7 Freephone UK customer support
  • Free John Lewis e-gift card
  • John Lewis broadband is provided by Plusnet plc

John Lewis Con's

  • 12 Month minimum contract
  • No line rental saver discount
  • Special offers for new customers only

Can I get John Lewis broadband without a phone line?

With any standard (i.e. ADSL) broadband connection the broadband is sent down the copper phone line. Even if you have Superfast fibre broadband the last part of the connection from the telephone exchange to your property still requires the phone line. Virgin Media is the only broadband provider in the UK who can deliver fixed line broadband without a phone line. This is because Virgin don’t use BT’s infrastructure. Instead, they use their own fibre-optic network. Virgin broadband is not available to all properties in the UK but, if you are in a city or built up area, you are more likely to have the option of getting broadband without a phone line.

Will there be any loss of service if I switch to John Lewis broadband?

If you're only switching your broadband to John Lewis and not your telephone service, then your switch over should be almost seamless. If you are switching both your phone and broadband provider, this will require an Engineer to visit your local telephone exchange. The switch over is usually complete within 3 hours of disconnection. If you are switching from Virgin Media, it is possible to keep your old broadband connection active until your John Lewis broadband has been installed and is live.

Do I need a MAC code to switch to John Lewis broadband?

In June 2015 Ofcom made it easier for consumers to switch their phone or broadband supplier. You no longer need to contact your current provider for a MAC code (Migration Authorisation Code). The switching process is entirely handled by your new supplier (John Lewis). This helps to avoid lengthy phone calls to your old provider.


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You get what you pay for
1 years ago.
Their broadband is operated by Plusnet who are also reliable, should be amazing really.
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4 people found the following review helpful
Roger That
Roger That
3 years ago.
This must be the perfect supplier - No bleats from anyone - then again perhaps nobody uses them!
4 people found the following review helpful
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