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Broadband review by Reza
Appalling customer service and complaints team!
5 hours ago.
I terminated my contract early after moving out and referred a person to take over the service. The process was quite seamless and engineers attended and removed the old equipment and put new equipment for the new tenant. Since then I have been hounded by text and email demanding their equipment back or pay £135. THE ENGINEER TOOK THIS AWAY WITH THEM. They say they didnt have an engineer booked in on that day for my account. I said clearly the engineer would have been booked for the new account and they should check internally and resolve. Its like talking to a brick wall. MONIKA from their offshore complaints call centre literally sounds like a broken record. Refused to investigate, refused to acknowledge they sent an engineer. The burden of proof is always (in the UK) with the accuser and they are the ones accusing me.
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Broadband review by Stephen
Avoid Virgin Media for broadband
5 hours ago.
My broadband has been on and off for 10 days now and has now completely stopped for several hours. Virgin just give excuses, keep informing me it's working again, but its not. Really poor customer service.

I could write a small paper on the issues I've had with Virgin Media but simply put, they have the worst customer service I've seen from any company
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Broadband review by Mr C Shaw
Mr C Shaw
6 hours ago.
APPALLING SERVICE AND THEY MAKE IT HARD FOR YOU TO LEAVE! We've been without a working telephone line for 6 months now. It started with white noise and since a visit from a Virgin technician is now a load crackle. Subsequent visits have resulted in a realisation that we need a new cable. The technician on the day of this new connection informed me that he couldn't do the job and I'd have to wait a further 6 weeks for council permission to fix a problem further down the street. If I want to leave Virgin I was told I'd have to give 30 days notice, I got put through to another department to action this and waited on the line for 25 minutes. On another call I was informed that one doesn't need to give any prior notice to leave. However the latest is that I can't get compensation if I'm not a Virgin customer so I have to wait until 4th July to leave. I'm not under any illusion that the compensation will be enough. I'd tell you about the appalling 'superfast' broadband service but that will have to wait for the next review.
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Broadband review by Brian?
11 hours ago.
It is clear to even a blind man that hundreds/thousands of customers are far from happy with Virgin Media,

If you all do what I have and left them, then I feel sure that eventually, once thousands have spoken with there bank account, they will get the message.
I just wonder how many of these postings resulted in a customer changing their provider.
Posting on here is not really the answer is it, the answer is to take positive action THEN post on here to say you have now changed provider.



If it was possible to leave a SUB ZERO rating I would definitely do that.
I have been charged for three years for a system I did not have.
I go online to call them, on hold 45 minutes, 20 minutes 1hour ten minutes and more.
I finally get through to a human being (that’s debatable as well) only to be asked questions then put on hold again for similar periods of time.
I have sent emails but no reply.
I have sent registered post – no reply.
I sent letters to various departments, - no reply.
I see no point in leaving this sort of feedback If I then continue to be with them !!!
I would urge all who have similar problems then get totally fed up enough to make comments like this to
Do you really think VM are concerned in any way at all NO CHANCE.
People speak with a cheque book, ditch this shameful company, bin then as fast as you can.
The only difficulty is you have to get through to them first so it will take you a lot of patience.
Alternative action – Let them continue to treat you like something on your shoe !!!!!!!!!

Update 26 June 19
I received a phone call today asking me if there was any way we would consider returning to them.
I find this absolutely incredible, how stupid are the people running this excuse of a company.
After several registered letters, numerous emails hours on hold they have to audacity to call me asking me to return.

Do they ever take the time or effort to read what so many people say about them?

Once again, I urge every person leaving adverse feedback to LEAVE VIRGIN MEDIA - LEAVE NOW IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE THEM LISTEN !!!!!!!!!
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Broadband review by Dom
Usual rubbish customer service
1 days ago.
Impossible to get through to a member of staff that have any idea what they are doing and virgin are quite happy to lose there existing customer. You have made it very clear I’m better off with BT
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Broadband review by Anthony
Avoid like the plague
4 days ago.
Enough is enough 😠😠😠😠😠😠 after numerous attempts and complaints to so called customer services we are cancelling all Virgin services asap you can have your £18.00 per month till November for a phone we returned in February but you will be out of pocket nearly £140 per month. We have been loyal customers for over ten years but this is the end. Word of warning to anybody returning anything to Virgin KEEP YOUR POSTAL RECEIPTS 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
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Broadband review by Muad Dib
Muad Dib
One of the worst companies I ever dealt with
6 days ago.
As I write this I'm on hold trying to cancel my contract. Be warned this takes hours of horrific marketing (you'll hear words like "Bingelicious" repeatedly and a lot of hold music.
My contract is expiring, and as my experience was already horrible and I don't want to pay higher rate, they are actively trying to stop you from cancelling contract. Making you stay on hold for hours to cancel. They resort to threats about posting things on your credit report (despite all being paid with DD) which may influence it etc. Basically I think agents are told to do everything you can to stop people cancelling, so if they can;t talk you out of it, they transfer you to other department and put you on hold. They hope you give up after few hours....
This is classic dirty sales driven company, spend on marketing, make it easy to sign up and make it almost impossible to cancel.
Absolutely horrible.
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Broadband review by kiefspoon
Bad service - Be Warned!
8 days ago.
Apart from the friendly talk at the beginning to convince you to sign a contract Virgin have been nothing but a disaster.
Here is a company that do not put the customer first. Bad communication, each department doesn't know what the other is doing, conflicting information given to the customer, installation dates, changed at the last minute, installations dates cancelled at the last minute and a severe lack of information.

I ended up cancelling the contract and stuck with BT, as even though they are not perfect by any means, they are more expensive and speed a little less because I will be sticking with my old package, I have no faith whatsoever in Virgin.

I can sum it up: I do not trust this company. They contract their work out. The guy I was in contact with I called to ask some questions about installation and he picked the phone up and there was a baby screaming in the background throughout the entire conversation.

Unprofessional, disorganised, bad communication. All in all, for the customer, the worst service I have ever experienced, bar none.

Take my advice, stay clear of Virgin, there are many other options available.
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Broadband review by sutton john
sutton john
11 days ago.
It is June 15th today I have been trying to get my PAC code from VM since the 11th!!!!!! can you believe it! as I write this they are still 'LOOKING IN TO IT' there is an error they can not find what it is. SO I can't move my mobile to sky??????
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Broadband review by MnK
Broadband keeps cutting out
13 days ago.
Broadband cuts out regularly.
Started doing it again today so just spent 1 hour 20 mins on phone to them being bounced around from person to person.
Everytime you go through same security checks as they don't seem to have any continuity between operators.

Eventual solution is there is a fault in the area they'll send someone out but that will take 5-7 days!

No compensation offered.
Cancelling the contract incurs an early termination fee. That can only be waived if the fault reoccurs 3 times in 1 month.
Given that each fault takes 5-7 days to fix, they know that's almost impossible. Basically, they've contractually arranged it so they could leave you without internet for 10-14 days per month and still charge you for cancelling.

Incidentally, i'm in central London. If it takes 5-7 days to fix a fault here, God help anyone who's with them in a rural area!
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How do I switch my broadband to Virgin Media?

Switching your broadband provider is a less painful exercise than it used to be. Before you begin the process, it's definitely worth making sure that you're outside of your contract tie-in with your current broadband provider. If you aren't then you will face a financial penalty and will probably be required to pay for each month that you have left on your contract. If you would like to switch to Virgin Media broadband and your contract has ended, you can go ahead and place your order with Virgin Media. If you don't already have Virgin fibre cable going to your property, an Engineer appointment will be arranged for it's installation (if you are unsure about the disruption that installation will cause, you can arrange a pre-installation visit from an Engineer). We recommend that you wait to cancel your services with your current provider until your Virgin Media appointment has been made. If you're ready to start looking for a Virgin Media broadband deal, just enter your postcode into our Virgin Media broadband calculator above to see which Virgin Media broadband deals are available in your area. Or, for results that include deals from all major providers, use the calculator at the top of this page

Can I keep my telephone number if I switch to Virgin Media broadband?

The simple answer is YES! As long as you're not moving house away from your current telephone exchange. The telecoms regulator Ofcom clearly stipulate that if you have not moved, your old provider must allow your number to be transferred.

How long will it take to switch my broadband provider to Virgin Media?

If you and your property are new to Virgin Media, you can expect to be offered an engineer visit for fibre cable installation within approximately 14 days of placing your order. It may take longer if Virgin Media have to seek permission from the owners of other properties effected by the installation, for example in the case of shared access. If your property already has Virgin Media fibre cable, you could be eligible for their Quickstart service, which could see you up and running within as little as 4 days.

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Here's what we think of Virgin Media

Virgin Media Pro's

  • No phone line required
  • No satellite dish required for tv
  • All services can be installed during the same engineer visit

Virgin Media Con's

  • Installation and activation fees may apply
  • Some digging may be necessary to get the fibre cable to your property
  • Some drilling into the property may be necessary

Can I get Virgin Media broadband without a phone line?

With any standard (i.e. ADSL) broadband connection the broadband is sent down the copper phone line. Even if you have Superfast fibre broadband the last part of the connection from the telephone exchange to your property still requires the phone line. Virgin Media is the only broadband provider in the UK who can deliver fixed line broadband without a phone line. This is because Virgin don’t use BT’s infrastructure. Instead, they use their own fibre-optic network. Virgin broadband is not available to all properties in the UK but, if you are in a city or built up area, you are more likely to have the option of getting broadband without a phone line.

Will there be any loss of service if I switch to Virgin Media broadband?

If you are switching to Virgin Media, it is advisable to co-ordinate cancellation of services with your current provider with the activation of your Virgin Media package, allowing a small overlap to minimise loss of service. Before ordering Virgin Media broadband, please check the cancellation notice required by your current provider.

Do I need a MAC code to switch to Virgin Media broadband?

In June 2015 Ofcom made it easier for consumers to switch their phone or broadband supplier. You no longer need to contact your current provider for a MAC code (Migration Authorisation Code). The switching process is entirely handled by your new supplier (Virgin Media). This helps to avoid lengthy phone calls to your old provider.