Paying for a home phone you barely ever use can be more than a little frustrating. While it may seem you have no other option, there are some broadband deals available without a landline.

If your broadband speed is not what you would expect it to be, it could be your internal wiring that's at fault. Sounds like an expensive job for the professionals? Well, if your broadband is provided via your phone line there are a few tricks you can try yourself. So, before you reach for the phone let us help you check some of the self help basics first.

If you're a Virgin Media customer you can kiss goodbye to hefty roaming charges this summer. All you need to do is download the free Virgin Media SmartCall app...

BT Parental Controls

BT have introduced a new 'Family- Friendly' internet filter to help block inappropriate content. The UK government wants internet service providers to block adult content by default.