Data breach search

Search over 5.4 billion records of data breaches from 310 commonly used websites. Just enter your email address to reveal the results.

Why do you offer this data breach scan?

We offer this free data breach scan because we want to help people improve their online security. Many people aren’t ware that the facility to search for data breaches exists. Being aware is the first step and using a tool like this can alert you to problems that you can tackle to protect yourself further. If you find this search useful, please spread the word like we are!

What is a data breach?

Sadly something that is becoming far too common. A data breach is when protected, sensitive information is copied, viewed or stolen. This data often consists of account details like: Passwords, Usernames, E-mail addresses and Bank card details. Once the hacker has this information, it’s likely to be sold, or published on an unsecure illegal website. In the wrong hands this information is then used to impersonate a chosen account holder. Knowing an individual’s username, password, date of birth, home address etc makes it easier to gain access to more secure account’s which could produce a financial reward. This could be done by simply contacting the account holder and impersonating e.g. a bank employee. Often knowing personal details is enough to convince the account holder that they are taking a genuine call.

My email address did not show any search results

This wealth of information is actively maintained and updated by it’s owner Troy Hunt a security specialist in Australia. Currently, it contains over 5.3 billion records of data breaches from 304 commonly used websites.

Whilst it’s scope is vast, it is worth noting that this data reflects a fraction of the database breaches that have occurred worldwide in recent years. If your email address does not show up any results, do not consider that conclusive evidence that you are free from any concern or due care. If you have any concerns that account security has been compromised, your passwords should be changed immediately. You should also update any other accounts that use the same password.

Do you collect any information that I enter?

‘No’ is the simple answer. The use of this service is anonymous and we do not collect or store any data that you enter into the username/email database search. For transparency purposes we would like to be clear that Landlinesaver does use Google analytics. Google analytics is a commonly used tool provided by Google which translates user data in an anonymous fashion and presents it in a way which allows companies to better understand how customers use their site. Further details can be found in our privacy policy.

Can I be sure that you aren’t collecting or selling data that I enter?

We cannot prove it but we don’t! - “Scouts Honour!”. This service is free and was created to help innocent victims of data breaches become aware of known issues so that they can try to prevent themselves being affected. Any information entered is sent via a secure encrypted connection. You can help us to help others by sharing this page.

Why is my email address showing up for a service I have not used?

There are a few reasons for this. It might be that the company you originally joined has merged or changed it’s name. It could be because someone else has joined and used your email address. Older websites were less likely to require verification of email ownership at sign up.

My email address is showing on a data breach. Can I find which password has been compromised?

No. Holding and storing that information could attract hackers and risk further breaches. We do not have access to such details, or store any information on our website.


This service is kindly provided by Have I been pwned.